Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Consortium Park ~ Down Under Tea's Company Retreat

Not long after Midtown Arts Museum, curator Ruby O'Degee left the cavern permanently, the Midtown Ladies Guild brought her a contract to sign.   Before she knew the first iota about building large stories, the International Historical Consortium, the charity supported by Gaskill Corporation informed her that her first builds were going to be the Brantley No. 3 Shaft and Consortium Park.
She had no interest in working with Dr. Matt R. Dutton and his uncle Uwig Orlongears (stolen identity), but she found no way out of it either.

Matt and Uwig were already known to Ruby.   She met them in the D'ni Restoration cavern several months earlier, during the pellet dropping and explosion phase.   Explorers were furiously working to bake pellets to lighten the forever dark cavern environment.   Matt and Uwig were interested in producing tea made from the same algae baked into the pellets.  Neither Matt or Uwig trusted the single minded, self absorbed Ruby, and Ruby didn't trust them back.

Ruby made good on her obligation to build the park, until she noticed that Uwig wanted her to include a science lab for the Down Under Tea Company who planned to grow experimental coffee beans.   Then Matt asked her to add a prison cell.   Of course he called it a pigeon hole.  Matt preferred to visit ages that were circa 1927-1939.   He picked up most of his language in those ages.

The Midtown Ladies Guild is concerned about Consortium Park.  Visitors and explorers are invited to enjoy the gateway park, but a few explorers are finding a way to bypass security.   The ladies argue that safety first has gone out the window.  There is no knowing what will  happen to the explorers, who visit the Festival of the Moon ruins or worse, the Down Under Tea Company Laboratory.